Best Top Rated Strollers 2018

Best stroller reviews

Strollers also known as baby prams help parents in a great way to transport their little ones. Carrying babies around and doing other activities at the same time can be troublesome. In most cases parents prefer to put their babies in strollers so that they can juggle other errand while they still keep an eye on their babies. Putting your baby in a stroller will also help your baby to get a broader view of the world around them. Since babies are often put in a stroller for some hours, it is important that you ensure the stroller’s comfort and safety for the baby’s sake. All being designed for the baby’s sake, this article will give you some of the best stroller brands for different types of needs.

  • Top Rated Strollers for newborns

Infants under 6 months old have different physical conditions from older children. Getting more information about best baby strollers has never been easier. Newborns cannot control the movement of their neck and head therefore; they need a stroller that is able to adopt a full reclining position. The best and the commonly known stroller for the new born are known as the Inglesina Zippy Stroller. This is compact and lightweight designed to allow parents transport their little ones easily during travels. To ensure its safety, this stroller is equipped with an automatic bumper bar to lock as well as a five-point harness. It has various choices of colors to choose from.

  • Double stroller

This is very good for two a person who has two infants or twins and in most cases they travel a lot. One of the best recommended double strollers is known as the Baby Jogger Mini City GT Double. This type is sturdy and can be used in all types of terrains including the paved, street, playground, grass and other outdoor locations. It is equipped with comfortably padded seats, a wide canopy coverage, hand-brake parking, adjustable handlebars and easy folding. In addition, it can accommodate two infants’ car seats with separate adaptor. The disadvantage of this stroller is that it lacks under seat storage which might give parents some difficulties in keeping necessary items at hand.

  • Jogging stroller

True to its name the jogging stroller is most suitable for jogging, running or other outdoor activities.  Typically, they are lightweight and compact. However, they are not suitable for children under 6 months of age. This is because they lack full reclining feature. It is a 3-wheeler that offers different options for easy maneuvering such as locked front wheel option for jogging or unlocked wheels for turning around.

  • Budget stroller

These are available in many types, designs and price.  The ones for the fewer prices may have less features but this don’t mean that they cannot be good. If you are parent who is under tight budget, you can go for Kolcraft Contours Lite that cost around $100. It is equipped with features such as canopy, five-point harness, a child tray, storage basket and a multi-position reclining.

The above guidelines on the best stroller brands can help you to purchase the best one for your child.